Additional Advice

A word about Equal Opportunities

Discrimination on the basis of race, marital status, colour, sex, religion, national origin or disability is not legal. Although very rare, it is possible that you may be faced with a question which is discriminatory particularly from inexperienced interviewers. In these situations the best thing to do is to address the bias behind the question without confronting the interviewer, for example:

Are you planning to start a family?

  • Are you asking if I am able to work overtime?
  • Are you asking if I would have commitment to this position?

How old are you?

  • Are you asking how many years of experience I have?

Are you married?

  • Are you asking if I am able to work overtime?
What to do about it?

If you are concerned that the interview you attended was discriminatory, please do not hesitate to contact your consultant and be prepared to discuss your thoughts and experiences.