"I have known and worked with Executive Net for the past two and a half years, their response times in providing prequalified candidates for vacancies has been excellent, and leaves me in no doubt that Executive Net knows their vertical markets intimately. I would recommend Executive Net to any client who is looking for experienced contract IT professionals at short notice. The back office at Executive Net also runs very smoothly, with consultants always being paid on time."
Managing Director- UK based IT Consultancy.

"Executive Net has continuously provided a reliable and prompt service in response to our company’s unique requests for resources in the Middle East. In the current unstable environment in this region, recruitment has proven to be particularly difficult, yet Executive Net have been able to refer willing, highly skilled and experienced consultants who have been professionally assessed and are able to comprehend the issues related with relocation to the Gulf Region. I can highly recommend the professional and personal approach taken by the staff of Executive Net."
Martha Saw, Human Resource Manager, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"Executive Net Ltd has been a great partner for me over the past few years. I consider them the ‘best’ resource provider for the ATG Dynamo e-commerce suite. I can highly recommend Executive Net to any organization requiring very good resources to assist in delivering their projects." Senior ATG Architect.

"I have known Rupert at Executive Net for 8 years; I have extensively worked with Executive Net as an independent IT contactor. Rupert is able to find me contract work for when I am available without delay, and fully understands my needs as an independent consultant. What I find particularly good about Executive Net is their easy to use time sheet system, coupled with a very efficient back office, allowing me to understand exactly where I stand at every stage of the payment cycle. I have always been paid on time, and accurately- which is refreshing, and has certainly not been the case with other agents I have worked through. I would recommend Executive Net to any IT professional looking for a contract or permanent job. Good recruitment agents are hard to find, Executive Net fulfils all my needs and more, as I have enjoyed contract work all over Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia during this time with them."
German based IT Contractor placed at multiple clients over the past 8 years.

"Executive Net called me about a position at C&W. My contact worked tirelessly to get the position tied down and get me the package I needed. She assisted getting me set up with an umbrella company and ready to start within a week. She was a regular caller to check that all was going well during my time there, but when the contract came to a close and I found other work, she did what not many do - she left me alone!!! Much appreciated Executive Net. She is one in a million. At the end of this contract, I felt she had performed so well, I bought a bouquet and hand delivered it. Unfortunately, she was on a day off :( so I never got to meet the great lady and thank her face-to-face."
Planning Engineer, Cable & Wireless.

"I have known and worked with Rupert at Executive Net since 2003. Executive Net has provided us with some useful resources for our projects at short notice. Although Executive Net is based in the UK, they are able to drill down local resources for us in the United States, and provide a service we are unable to find locally. Rupert is able to fully understand our needs and detailed technical requirements; he can quickly turn our requirements into sound candidates ready for interview. I highly recommend Rupert and Executive Net as a sound company for resourcing qualified IT specialists, and being able to translate our needs accurately to their candidates."
Chief Operating Officer- East Coast US Consulting Firm & Oracle Business Partner.

"I've worked with many agents over the years, of varying quality of service but Executive Net play things somewhat differently. I've had more interviews and interest from my resume through this agent than I've had with dozens of others. This is due, I think, to the strong relationships Executive has with its clients. In addition to this, Executive Net pays promptly, is reliable in business matters and has been a pleasure to deal with. Would definitely use again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others."
Lead IBM Architect.

"I am very pleased that I am given the opportunity to write a testimonial for Executive Net. Because of sincere efforts towards the job, I have secured a place in a multinational company. Executive Net had not only concentrated on my technical skills for the interview but also spent time to know me better to improve our relationship. Through the recruitment process I was guided on how to be confident and have a positive attitude. Unique thing about Executive Net is that they develop a comfort level while working, which helped me to communicate with them more as a friend than a client. I was the lucky one to receive an excellent service from him which made me develop my career. I will always be thankful to him to trust me in what I was doing and motivated me always to achieve my goal."
Candidate placed at HP.

"I worked for a year as a contractor for Executive Net. I have to say it was one of the smoothest experiences I had as a contractor. Any issues I had were quickly resolved and I always got paid on time. I think Roland has provided me with an excellent service and if I have an opportunity I will contract with Executive Net again."
Senior ATG Developer.

"I have worked with hundreds of resource providers around the globe, but very seldom you come across such a high quality person as my contact at Executive Net. She is mission focused and will stay on top of a requirement till it is closed with great ability to multi task. She is very good at qualifying the requirements and delivering great results. Exceptional follow up and follow through sets Executive Net apart from the rest. All of that coupled with a great personality that makes it fun to work with them."
Managing Director, EMEA, inCode.

"Good follow ups, good emails, good organisation of contractor interviews, meant I had to do absolutely nothing except interview. (This is just what we want!). Found good quality candidates and took the time to actually find out what we wanted before just sending people who can spell c+. Found the Time sheet system to be very easy to use. All in all- happy with Executive Net and will certainly use them again."
Project Manager, Dawson.

"Executive Net did an excellent job in securing interviews for me. My contact has excellent written and verbal communication skills, fully understands people needs and requirements and is extremely organised. Most importantly, however, she goes the extra mile to secure the position interview. In my experience, very few people in the recruitment industry come close to matching her ability to deliver such outstanding professionalism and dedication to her job. That talent and flare makes a huge positive difference to the recruitment experience and outcome no matter which side of the process you are on. It is, therefore, a great pleasure to recommend Executive Net to any job seeker or organisations looking for new employees."
Technical Service Lead, Vodafone.

"As someone who came out of University and didn’t know what to expect in the IT industry, I was able to speak easily with Mark at Executive Net about Sensitive issues such as discrimination, racism, “fitting in”. Mark allayed my fears. He was very professional, and respectful throughout our communications. He gave me some great advice, and wisdom (which I will take to my grave!). I was able to speak with Mark on a personal level also, such as religion and culture. He was very kind, courteous and understanding of my needs and not judgmental in any way. Now that I am settled into my job I can hand on my heart say that he has understood my needs very well. He has helped me gain employment in a company where my needs are met. As his client I can say that he has given me an excellent service he took out the time to speak with on a personal as well as professional level. Mark I feel very honoured to have spoken with you, thank you for your great advice and support. Wish you and Executive Net all the best for the future."
Application Engineer. HP Software Support.